Simple Steps To Pack Your Kitchen Before One Day Of Shifting

5 Simple Steps To Pack Your Kitchen Before One Day Of Shifting

Leaving your old home to start your new life at a new residence is not a day-to-day experience. Most of us plan to relocate once in a while or lifetime and shifting happen only when we purchase a new property or found a more ideal place to live with comfort.

5 Simple Steps To Pack Your Kitchen Before One Day Of Shifting

With a massive stack of household furniture, appliances, decorative items such as wall hangings, paintings, fancy showpieces, clothing, & all sorts of stuff you own, your packers and movers are supposed to be extra careful while packing your kitchen not only to avoid breakages but also to relocate them without causing an unnecessary mess.

Kitchen packing is not an easy task at all. You might think of wrapping up your kitchen like other household items but you will probably make a big mistake by doing so. Almost all trained & experienced packers and movers will either suggest you do it in a specific manner. Or let experts pack your kitchen items in a safe and organized way. After all, you can’t bear even a single scratch on your expensive cupboards, glasses, dishes, drawers, shelves, & other things kept or assembled in your kitchen room.

Buckle up! It is time to pack your kitchen in 5 easy steps for stress-free shifting.

When it comes to kitchen packing, it is not a DIY task as even a slight inadequacy in the packing process will put your fancy dining set or cutlery on the risks of damages that usually occur during home & kitchen relocations.

Your packers and movers are highly trained in packing your kitchen things with utmost perfection and proper safety. However, if you’ve decided to do kitchen packing on your own due to some reasons then you must follow these 5 easy steps to pack your entire kitchen in minimum time & efforts:

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Step 1: Keep your kitchen organized & arranged

Proper planning is a key to perfect kitchen planning. If you plan out things in advance then you are less likely to waste your time & energy in packing your kitchen essential before the arrival of your packers and movers. Here are a few things you can do to get prepared for home & kitchen move:

  • To get your kitchen ready to move, you must keep all daily used items like utensils, crockery, containers, & other things handy so that you can use them for cooking purposes while being in the midst of shifting process.
  • Dump unwanted cartons & used the stuff before moving your kitchen as there is no reason to carry them to your new house. This will also add on to unnecessary packing space & efforts of yours or packers and movers in accommodating them.
  • If you have some leftover food on the same day of shifting, you can donate it rather than throwing it in your garbage bin.
  • Keep all the required packing material ready for the safety of your kitchen items. Most packers & movers bring quality supplies like kits & boxes, gloves, plastic boxes, packing labels, tape, padding, bubble wraps, etc. especially for kitchen packing. However, we advise you to get the best packing material for the safety of fragile items & glassware as they’re highly prone to damages during the move.

Step 2: Start with dish packing

Packers and movers know the right methods to do kitchen packing with zero hassles & damages. But if you’re doing it for the first time then do follow these important tips for packing your dishes:

  • Make sufficient space to pack each item safely without mess. Place a layer of padded material or bubble wraps at the top and bottom of each box you use to keep your dishes and pack up to 3-4 items with a caution sign (handle with care/fragile items) on it.
  • Remove all unwanted things from your kitchen top before you start packing your dishes. You can also do this task on any flat surface in your house.
  • Always keep one dish in the center and wrap it properly using a packing paper. Pack hard dishes in a similar way and bundle them together to keep them safely in a single cardboard box or carton.
  • Be extra alert while packing fragile items like china made crockery, glasses, & all types of delicate dishes you own in your kitchen.

Step 3: Get your kitchen glassware ready for packing

Getting expensive kitchen glassware moved just to see their broken pieces is the worst nightmare for every homeowner. If you don’t want this to happen with you, you must train yourself in packing those wine glasses without involving packers and movers in this task.

For glassware packing, use double layers of bubble wraps around each of the items & place them safely in a padded box or carton.

Step 4: Packing your pots, pans, & other utensils

Once you are done with all fragile items, you can easily go with the packing procedure for your pots and pans in minimal efforts & time. Before packing these daily used utensils, you must wash & let them dry properly so that you can use them directly after reaching your new home.

Put a smaller pan inside the bigger ones and place a layer of packing paper or padding in between them to prevent potential scratches on them. Don’t forget to pack their lids together in another cardboard box before getting them loaded by packers and movers service providers.

Step 5: Don’t forget to pack kitchen knives

Most of us forget keeping knives while packing our kitchen before relocating. If you are moving with expert packers and movers then they will take these steps to pack all the kitchen knives, forks, spoons, & other sharp things in the safest way possible:

  • Using separate boxes for knives to keep them away from kids and avoid accidental injuries to any person.
    Wrap two or three knives in a towel with their sharp sides facing in the same direction and roll them together carefully without hurting your hands.
  • Labeling the packed roll of knives with a packing paper or a picture to prevent the possibilities of injuries.
    That’s all with the 5 simple steps you need to follow to pack your kitchen. Kitchen packing is very tiresome and challenging for anyone. You must get it done by packers and movers to avoid facing undesired stress and hassles in packing all those precious kitchen items with care & protection they deserve for tension-free relocations.

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