6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023

The year 2022 is rapidly approaching, leaving us all with a different taste. Information has changed greatly in recent years, causing businesses to alter their client-communication strategies and look for new techniques. Graphic design is no exception, as it is the primary way to ‘talk’ to an audience through patterns, colors, fonts, materials, and layouts. What will be the main changes in 2023? In this article, we will look at all the changes to come and the reasons for them. We cover 6 Graphic Design Trends that Will Dominate 2023 in this blog

Motion graphics in more detail

One of the most important tools used by a marketing department is motion graphics. Motion graphics add depth to a story by capturing the attention of anyone regardless of age, status, or profession.

Motion graphics evolve along with the world. 2023 metamorphosis is mainly caused by our attention span, which has gotten shorter than ever – 8 seconds is the time you’re given to tell the story. It’s obviously too short, so the marketing department has to rack their brains to meet such a demand. Additionally, users prefer simplicity over complexity, which is caused by an overabundance of information.

Getting back on track

The 1990s and 1980s were a time of nostalgia and sweet memories. Those born during that time see it as a security blanket and comfort zone. That’s why Y2K designs are making a huge comeback in 2023 – glitter, metallic, futuristic elements, and bubblegum pink. For a while, this style was considered kitschy and excessively embellished, but it’s time for a rebirth. The basic elements of Y2K will be integrated into the modern vision in 2023, benefiting graphic style and client needs.

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The geometry of shapes

There has been a trend towards geometric elements in design for ages, and 2023 will not be any different. It surrounds us with triangles, squares, rectangles, and lines. Geometry conveys the feeling of order and simplicity, it gives a sense of comforting control. Many well-established companies have proven their reliability over time, which is why they are a good choice.

Even though geometric shapes are simple, they can add a new dimension to a fantasy world when combined with a touch of creativity. It’s for this reason that geometry is the best method of meeting the expectations of clients regardless of the generation or vision of art – everyone will see something they like.

Design of typefaces

In graphic design, typography plays an important role and delivers the most visible message. With the creativity of fonts knowing no bounds, this year lines will be forced out of their normal and natural shapes. This will result in crumpled letters and unexpected style combinations. This symbiotic relationship will create visually arresting designs that appeal to a wider audience. Although some may disapprove of such daring approaches, they are just another proof that they work.


A texture on the graphics creates the illusion that they can be handled, and it also acts as a visual tone in the design. Using it can make everything seem more natural and real by creating the illusion of depth of color. In 2023, the design will feature noise and grain designs, creating distressed and vintage looks, returning to the comforting old styles. If you overdo this texture, you will leave other elements behind. Every tiny yet significant detail matters.

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The return of hand-drawn sincerity

Many people crave bold and daring moves and complexions, as well as new and creative motives, whereas others become overwhelmed with them. Their artificial environment – faceless contacts, featureless art, virtual connections – becomes discouraging and off-putting. Although everything appears friendly, everything creates a feeling of loneliness.

That’s where hand-drawn graphic design can help. Seeing hand-like sketches and pencil-like lines will appeal to human nature and target the need for human contact. Simple lines speak louder than words or elaborate designs. Online resources are available to create the best illustration for such a purpose.

The graphic designs of 2023 are anything but diverse. In order to gain more influence with clients, designers must combine simplicity and minimalism with daring and bald vision; old-school and cutting-edge elements; rigid geometry and flight of fancy. To put it simply – interweave elements that don’t seem to match into an eye-pleasing whole. Our reality can be overwhelming sometimes, and that’s something people don’t expect to see in design and art.

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