Advertise Your Cleaning Business For Free

Where Can You Advertise Your Cleaning Business For Free

Can We Advertise Your Cleaning Business For Free

A business plan has been created and services have been selected. Now it’s time to bring in some business and offer some amazing services to some lucky people. Oh my gosh! Advertising is expensive, isn’t it? Photoshop costs $700, doesn’t it? There is no rule that says you cannot get high quality use out of low-cost options. There’s no need to worry. Here are some free advertising options.

On LinkedIn:

Business is the main focus of this site, and professionalism is its main attribute. Create your professional profile, search for and post jobs, and invite others to your network. For many essential basics, it’s free, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. If you don’t want to handle your business alone, you can use it to update your resume, interview potential candidates for an open position, and find the right fit for your business. It’s incredibly easy to hire someone through LinkedIn if you’re not an expert in a particular field.

To share professional updates with your customers, you can also create a business page. Those you have added through LinkedIn can follow you on the page if you are the administrator. With a business page, you can schedule posts in advance, and achieve your business goals faster. (Facebook pages also allow you to schedule posts in advance, so you can write them now and have them posted at a later date, helping you accomplish another task.)


There is a free membership on Yelp that allows you to control and edit your business page (and claim any existing pages if applicable). It includes a place for customers to share photos. Potential customers can see what they’ll be paying for and decide if your service is right for them by adding pictures.

In addition to adding credibility to your business, reviews and ratings also attract attention, especially on Yelp, since it’s usually the first website people go to for reviews. Likewise, you can display the price range of your products or services, with $ being the cheapest and $$$ being the most expensive.

By responding to your customers’ reviews, you ensure that they feel both seen and heard by your company. You are more likely to keep their business if they feel you have thoroughly addressed their concerns.

If other customers have similar questions, this will also be helpful. Your one-time customers are more likely to become repeat ones if you have more satisfied customers.

You should respond to customer concerns as soon as possible, and follow up if they still need assistance or clarification. If you do not do so, you could lose business, and for a new company, that could be costly. It may be excusable if you fail to respond within a few days, but after a week or two, your customers will feel ignored.


You should also consider YouTube if you’re good at video marketing. Uploading videos is free, and you can include links to your other social media platforms. All your videos and playlists are stored in a channel. Through the comments section and messages, you can interact with your customers.

There are many different types of people on this platform, including those who might need your cleaning services! (There are other websites that charge for job postings, such as Glass Door, but they are between $64.90 and $249, depending on the package you choose. It is better to find a free alternative!)

Subscribers will receive an email when new content is uploaded, allowing them to stay up to date. It’s a way for your customers to be the first to see new content, even if they don’t regularly check the platform. The amount of interaction with your content can be a good indicator of how interested people are in your business, even if the number of followers you have on social media doesn’t always translate to sales.


Craigslist allows you to post job openings, products, and services for free. Craigslist is an easy-to-use website for those who may find other websites difficult to navigate. Register for an account, confirm your email, and create your first post!

Identifying the cities in your service area and how far you’re willing to travel to get the job done is another plus (especially for cleaning businesses!). Companies that are exclusively brick-and-mortar will benefit from this feature.

As a result of legitimizing your company, you take your work very seriously. Craigslist has your back! In order to stand out from the crowd, Craigslist takes down spammers and overposters. Your time spent on each advertisement is not wasted.

Keep your descriptions succinct and to the point if you want your advertisements to be high quality and stand out from your competitors. If the content within walls of text doesn’t contribute to the reader’s understanding of the product or service, they won’t appreciate it.

What are the benefits of your company to a customer? What makes your cleaning business so important to the average person? Which thing is makes you unique? Every advertisement you create should consider these factors. Everything you use to represent your company should reflect your purpose.


In graphic design, Canva (not-so-ironically similar to Canvas) is used. You’ll love this platform if you need some digital marketing for your website. Most features are free, and there are no fees associated with them. There are some premium features available, such as certain fonts and backgrounds, but they are clearly marked. To upload a custom font that you use solely for your brand and is not listed, you would need a premium membership. You may have found the right place to start if you’re just figuring out your logo and brand.

Moreover, you can design captivating ads for Instagram to gain new followers, or create Facebook covers or profile pictures for your Facebook business page. With a quick search, you can find any type of template you need for flyers and posters.

Canva allows you to import a background image for free to use in your designs! Canva is a top-tier website for new companies because almost every aspect of your advertisement can be customized at no additional cost.


Is it still possible to purchase ads for a reasonable price?

Google Adwords is one of the most popular (and affordable) options for ads. Ads can be scheduled for hours and locations that work for you, and you only pay when people click on them. You can pause your advertisement anytime without deleting the ad you’ve created or disabling your account if ads aren’t in your budget after you’ve created an advertisement.

What is the best amount to budget for advertisements?

When your business earns less than $5 million annually, the SBA recommends setting aside 7-8% of your earnings before taxes. You should monitor your ads’ performance and adjust them as needed. Does the wording reflect the tone of your business? What colors describe your business at the moment? What is the personality of your company’s font?

How can an advertisement be effective?

Identify your target audience. Do you create products for teens, adults, or the elderly? How much does your ideal customer make on average? Identify the person you want to sell your product or service to.

Don’t overcomplicate your message. A simple yet elegant logo or a short but simple slogan speaks volumes.

Ensure that it looks professional. If it’s well done, your ad will stand out and be noticed. It is important to align your text and logo, add a slogan if you have one, and incorporate a mascot if you have one. Consistency will be the key to branding for the long term.

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