Best Locations for contactless vending machines

5 Best Locations for contactless vending machines

In order to ensure that customers and employees have access to a range of food and beverage options at any time, contactless vending machines are a great choice. It can be challenging to locate a vending machine in your workplace or leisure facility if you have never had one.

The UK is becoming more accustomed to cashless payments, which eliminates the need to look for exact change while getting a quick snack. Cafes and deli shops were closed because of lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving workers to rely on vending machines for food and drink.

Here are 5 best Locations for vending machines


A contactless vending machine would make the hospital a great location to install one because staff, patients, and visitors can get snacks, meals, and drinks. A vending machine can be a good option for getting healthy snacks and drinks since hospital staff rarely have a long lunch or dinner break.

Our hospital vending machines are designed to meet the needs of patients, visitors and staff to provide them with a nutritious meal or hot beverage. The hospital’s waiting room, reception, and canteen should be equipped with a contactless vending machine to encourage health and wellness.

The hospital provides snack, meal, and beverage options for staff, patients, and visitors at any time without having to go to an off-site cafe or supermarket.


An entertainment center can install a contactless vending machine. With contactless payment options, including Apple Pay and contactless cards, it is easier than ever to pay for Lucozade or a protein bar. This is a great idea for ensuring people can purchase through your machine if they do not have cash with them when they visit the gym for a workout.

For businesses that need vending solutions, we can help you find a contactless vending machine that suits your needs. Whether you operate a gym, leisure center, or theme park, we can help you find the right contactless vending machine for your business.

A healthy vending machine provides healthy snacks, drinks, and meals for your staff and visitors.


Offices are the best places to place a contactless vending machine. Your employees will be able to eat and drink at work without leaving the office if you have an office vending machine that vends meals, snacks, and drinks on-site.

Choose from our wide variety of vending solutions for fresh food, cold drinks, and coffee machines. Regardless of whether your office has a breakout area or a canteen, we can place your vending machine there once you’ve selected your solution.

If you install a contactless vending machine in your office, everyone in your organization will be able to make use of it in a hygienic and fuss-free manner. This will keep them from visiting the nearest high street cafe or shop after they leave the office.


Your university can install a contactless vending machine to keep students from leaving campus to get snacks and drinks. This location is ideal for getting snacks and drinks quickly because of the high foot traffic and on-site food and drink solutions.

In addition to university vending machines, we also supply training rooms and student unions with contactless machines. You can encourage healthier eating habits by providing a convenient way to grab a snack or drink that is low-calorie and nutritious through a vending machine at your university.

Choosing the right contactless vending solution for your university is our specialty. In addition to providing food and drink on-site, the machines make purchasing food and drinks simpler for staff and students.


Contactless vending solutions in hotels provide guests with an alternative to eating at the hotel restaurant if they need a quick drink or snack. By getting out of their room and walking 10 metres to the nearest machine, guests can easily access a wide range of food and drink items.

In hotels, it can be difficult for guests to access cold drinks or snacks due to the nature of the establishment. Contactless vending machines are an ideal solution for that. It is convenient for guests to purchase a bottle of water without having to travel to other sub-buildings or outside in bad weather by placing your contactless vending machines in the hotel lobby, side entrances, or corridors.


While a contactless vending machine can be placed anywhere, it’s important to place them where customers have easy access. We hope these 5 places listed above have given you some confidence that vending can often be an excellent option for your workplace, education, or leisure facility.

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