Perfect Holiday Gifts For Smartphone Lovers

Perfect Holiday Gifts For Smartphone Lovers

Going on a holiday is amazing but you might face some difficulties as you are far from your home. You may also need some Ideas For Who Are Addicted To Their Smartphones and some things to make your trip enjoyable and to ensure that you do not get bore. Smartphones can ease up many things for you but they may require accessories to provide you some extra features that are not available on your smartphone.

Perfect Holiday Gifts For Smartphone Lovers

Smartphones can be your partner during the holidays but you need to get things for your partner that will make your holiday tension free and enjoyable. Thus, below are some perfect holiday gifts for smartphone lovers that will help you during your trip.

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Phone Holder and Stands

People prefer traveling in their cars rather than taking a bus or a train. Holidays are mostly about exploring and visiting new places. Regardless of the conveyance you take, long routes may be difficult for you to cover. You may decide to watch a movie or if you are traveling in your own car, you may need to use maps.

Holding phones while driving is not possible and holding it in your hands to watch movies can be difficult too. For issues like these, we offer you phone holders and stands that will hold your phone as long as you want. You can gift it to a smartphone lover so that they can enjoy their holidays.

As they cannot leave their phone, this is the perfect gift for them that will ensure that they do not get tired while holding something they are addicted to.

Spy Gears

In Ideas For Who Are Addicted To Their Smartphones, spy gears are the best gifts for you love ones. Your holidays are amazing unless something bad happens. People may get lost while traveling. It is hard to keep up with the large group of people moving through a jungle or hiking on a mountain.

For this purpose, we offer something innovative that will keep you on track. Spy gears are GPS trackers that will track your location via Bluetooth. They will tell you the exact location and you can then join your partners.

These spy gears are perfect for travel enthusiasts who spend their holidays exploring new places.

Sleeping Mask with Bluetooth Headphone

Enjoy your holidays without music and this sleeping mask takes your listening to a whole new level is not possible. For this a sleeping mask with Bluetooth headphones, something for people who like to enjoy music in the dark.

Bluetooth Headphone

With a USB chargeable battery, this mask can last up to 9 hours, making it a perfect idea for people addicted to their smartphones. It is a perfect gift for frequent travelers as they can wear it and enjoy music on long routes.

It is made up of cotton and velvet that makes it a very comfortable sleeping mask headphone. This is the thing you need to give to anyone who is leaving on a holiday.

Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder

Holidays are considered a break from your everyday life, but you just cannot leave some things that are necessary, such as mobile phones. You will need it during your journey and if you are traveling on your own vehicle, the need for it increases.

Getting directions to the place you are visiting will require you to have a mobile phone attached to your front screen, and you should ensure that your battery never runs out. Considering these, we present you a 2 in 1, a wireless car charger phone holder. This will make sure that your phone is fully charged without creating a mess of wires in your car.

Moreover, the phone holder will attach to your screen so that you can toggle through the maps easily. This is the gift you need to give to someone who is leaving for holidays.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Power Bank Charging

Holidays without music are just not possible. However, you must ensure that your phone is enough charged to play the songs while you are on holiday. Thus, this wireless Bluetooth charger and a power bank is a 2 in 1 accessory that will let you play all the songs while maintaining your phone’s battery.

You can charge your phone and play whatever you like on this wireless Bluetooth speaker that is a power bank too. People leaving for holidays surely demands a gift like this from you.

2 in 1 AirPods Protective Phone Case Cover for iPhone

iPhone users mostly use AirPods as earphones. Although they have their own protective case, it can be difficult for people on their holidays to take out and put them back in their case again and again. There is a solution to every problem, and this phone case is a solution too.

It is a protective case for iPhone that can hold your AirPods too. It ensures the maximum safety of your phone and your AirPods. This is the perfect gift for someone who uses the iPhone and AirPods as they would not need to worry about handling their AirPods anymore.

Smart Power Bank With QI Wireless Charger

Power banks are another good idea for smartphone addicts. Holidays are fun but you cannot afford to let the battery of your phone die in any case, especially when you are away from your home. This smart power bank with a Qi wireless charger will take all the responsibility of your phone’s battery during your holidays.

It is a combination of a wireless charger and a power bank that has two wired charging outputs and one wireless charging output, allowing you to charge three devices simultaneously. It has a 10000mAh battery that can charge your phone 2-3 times on a single charge.

People going on holiday are surely looking for something like this and you can gift them this smart multi-function wireless charger and power bank to give them something they want.

Selfie Sticks

Holidays are incomplete without a camera and since people are now more interested in capturing things with their faces, every smartphone has a front camera too now. Although they are updating and introducing better front cameras, there is still a limited frame that a person can capture through the front camera using his or her hand.

Thus, selfie sticks are something that makes it easier to capture large frames using the front camera. Using a button near your hand, you should capture an image with your phone attached to the stick’s handle. All you need is a Bluetooth and a selfie stick to capture your faces with whatever you like. There is a large variety of selfie sticks available at Esource Parts and you can choose anything according to your preferences.

Final words

It is only possible for us to tell you about a few things. However, Esource Parts is full of mobile accessories and you can choose from a variety of different accessories to find the perfect holiday gift for smartphone lovers. Thus, visit Esource Parts and get the best gift for your beloved one now.

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