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How to choose the best gaming keyboard

If you want the best gaming experience, you’ll need to put in some effort, do some research, and have a reasonable budget. This is one reason why you need the best gaming keyboard for you. For many of us who have been dedicated to gaming for a long time, gamer keyboards have a mechanical system. This system is more precise and faster than a conventional keyboard.

By using independent metal switches to operate the key, you can determine if the key has been pressed correctly because the metal switches close when the key is pressed. What are the best gaming keyboards? We’ll explain in this guide.

Features of the best gaming keyboard

It will be easier to make a choice if you know what features the best gaming keyboard should have. As you choose which gaming keyboard to purchase, take into account some of the following features.

Colors and markings should be switched

There are three types of switches to choose from:

They are very precise, offer no resistance, and can be activated with the slightest pressure since they don’t produce a lot of noise. Gaming keyboards like this one are best for gamers who play action games where reactions are important.

You can use these in strategy games or in those where speed isn’t as important as precision. This is the case with games that use tactile keys, which don’t sound but provide a certain resistance when pressed.

They are best for games that require great concentration on the screen because the sound ones, in blue or green, are resistant when pressed and sound when activated.

A good gaming keyboard will allow you to exchange keys individually, have multiple types of switches, and let you adjust the unit according to your needs. When it comes to brands, you need to make sure they’re reliable and recognized. There are good brands available on the Mexican market like Logitech, Adata, Yeyian, Gamefactor, Corsair, Cooler Master, Gigabyte.

Force and activation time

An actuator’s force, usually expressed in grams of force (gm), grams (g), or centinewtons (cN), specifies how much weight it can withstand before it is actuated; some support 45g, others 60g, or even 80g. Pressing the key will be more difficult and you will have to apply more force the higher the number.

It can take less than 2 milliseconds (ms) for an activation time to be detected from the time a key is pressed until it is detected. You should make the reaction time shorter if you tend to be imprecise, so that you avoid making wrong keystrokes. The lower the number, the greater your reaction speed.

Key rollover

In keyboard specifications, you can find a number followed by the initials KRO. This indicates whether the keyboard permits a certain number of keystrokes at the same time, or not. A peripheral should be capable of supporting and recognizing the simultaneous pressing of six keys, for example, 6KRO. It is possible to recognize the simultaneous press of all the keys on the better Gamer keyboards, the mid-high range ones.

Software and macro keys

With the software, simple shortcuts can be created, game profiles can be preset, or complex combinations can be automatically executed with a single press. This makes the game more fluid. In most cases, they are located above or to the left of the F buttons on the keyboard, though this can vary from brand to brand.


Additionally, it will allow you to play in low light environments, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also increase the functionality of your keyboard. If your PC has this feature, you can also see the temperature of your graphics card, processor, and even recognize keys and memorize them.

LED lights can be of a single color or feature 16.8 million colors and shades on each key, so you can create all the effects that you can imagine. Many gamers’ keyboards also have a media key that plays audio.

Connection system

Wireless or USB connections are both possible. Even though wireless keyboards are becoming more popular, they may not be able to adapt to every situation. Due to interference, a lower level of precision, and only allowing five buttons at once, they are most suitable for games with a limited mix of commands.Β It accepts all pulses as indicated by the brand and is not defective.


Considering this aspect can have a significant impact on a keyboard’s performance and lifespan. Most commonly, these keyboards are made of ABS plastic or metal, both of which are very sweat-resistant. Dropping a gaming keyboard on the floor or wall often doesn’t cause liquid spills. The keyboard is shock-resistant as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming keyboards

Gamer keyboards with the best keystroke support support more than 50,000,000 keystrokes without problems and allow a damaged key to be changed without affecting the others. Pressing more than two keys doesn’t result in ghosting or invalidation, and there is a lot of customization possible.

Computers of this type come with a few disadvantages, including the fact that they’re noisy while they type, making them unsuitable for public areas; they’re heavier than other types, and they’re generally more expensive.

Best keyboard – best player

Gamer keyboards offer a number of benefits without a doubt. You can lose an important game if a key doesn’t work smoothly or is too slow, whether you’re a professional or an amateur. When playing a game with friends, we love beating the levels and getting good results.

As a result, you would be better off choosing a mechanical keyboard with a US connection. From there, you will be able to choose the right keyboard depending on the type of game and your skills.

Choosing the best gaming keyboard will depend on finding a keyboard that meets the above characteristics. It is important to have the best computer and gaming chair in order to enjoy a complete gaming experience.

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