How To Do DIY T shirt Printing

How To Do DIY T shirt Printing – Step by Step Guide

T-shirts are among the few items of clothing that can be used for expressing one’s views, having fun, and showing one’s individuality: The good news is how to do DIY t-shirt printing.

How To Do DIY T shirt Printing

There are no complicated DIY screen printing kits or crazy expensive T shirt printing machines needed for screen printing. DIY (Do it yourself) doesn’t even require technical skills.

You can get it done in a short amount of time with minimal effort.

You will only need fabric transfer paper for the T shirt printing at home.

Here’s how you can make a T-shirt with any picture

It’s one of the cheapest, unique, and easiest DIY projects you can do.

You just need a little imagination and a little know-how.

To get started with DIY T-shirt printing, you’ll need the following:

      • T-shirt fabric transfer paper
      • Find a picture on a computer or phone
      • Blank t-shirt
      • Iron
      • Printer

There are many brands that offer fabric transfer papers, ranging from low to high prices. Thickness is the only major difference between them.

We have two important tips for you at this point:

      • If you opt for cheaper fabric transfer paper, avoid harsh washing detergents when washing your garments. Cheap paper should always be washed delicately.
      • You should never use a clothes dryer to wash a T-shirt because the heat will damage the print.

Are you ready to learn how to do it step-by-step?

T-shirt Printing Tutorial: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Choose a picture.

Choose an image that you’d like to see on your t-shirt or draw one yourself.

Among the most popular art programs is Canva. Free features include a lot of excellent features.


Go straight to printing the picture from your PC or smartphone if it does not need any editing.

The printing of quotes, words, logos, etc., is completely different. The image must be mirrored and flipped horizontally for this to work.

Step 2: Buy transfer paper

The first step is to buy small packets of A3 or A4 paper. Choose a paper style that suits light or dark T-shirts.

To make sure you are using the right printer, read the instructions on the transfer paper before printing.

The reason is that most papers print best on inkjet printers.

After you have completed all the tasks, print the whole page.

Trim the paper edges by leaving a 3 mm white border on each side to ensure the picture is correctly placed.

Step 3: Place Transfer Paper on T shirt

The transfer paper can be placed anywhere on the t-shirt.

Next, iron the design until it is perfectly down on all sides.

According to the instructions on the transfer paper, the iron temperature should conform to the recommended temperature.

Finally, peel off the upper layer carefully, leaving your design on the shirt.


Masking tape will help you determine where you should place the paper. Before ironing, you can remove the tape once you have placed the paper in the right place.

Final Word

You can surprise everyone around you with amazing pictures printed on your t-shirts with the help of this comprehensive guide to DIY T-shirt printing.

Last but not least, you can give t-shirts to your friends and family as a way to deepen your relationships.

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