How to Find The Owner of A Business

How to Find The Owner of A Business – Best Techniques

Have you ever tried to find out the name of a business owner? A particular business owner may need to focus on different purposes.

Businesses in the B2B sector need to conduct contact research in order to generate marketing leads. Businesses communicate with each other to collaborate on projects or form partnerships in order to open up new opportunities.

You might offer a business owner one of your services that is already proven to increase productivity. A potential lawsuit can also be an important issue for some people.

If you’re determined, getting a name behind your business can open up a multitude of opportunities. We have explained how you can meet the owner of another company in this article if you want to do that.

How to Find The Owner of A Business

Make A Call

Making a phone call is the best and easiest way to find any business owner’s name. In any local or online phone directory, you can find the owner’s number.

Whenever you make a sudden call, there is a good chance the owner’s assistant will answer. The information you seek can be gathered by talking nice to the person you are seeking.

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Visit the website of the company

Using the Internet, you can search for an online website that bears the name of the company owner you’re looking for. Today, most businesses have their own websites and social media accounts. Find useful information about the business by visiting the “About Us” and “Contact Us” sections of the website.

Perform a Google search for the specific company’s name if you cannot find this information on the company’s website. A company’s LinkedIn profile may also contain this information.

Take a look at social media platforms

Social media accounts are sometimes used by business owners to interact with their customers. Social media sites can be used to find the contact details of a particular business owner. Google, Firefox, and other search engines can also provide complete contact information for your preferred company.

The Facebook page of that company usually has many reviews from customers, and sometimes the owner is tagged as well. Timeline and graph search options may be useful if a standard search does not yield results.

To find useful information, businesses should always check out social media accounts.

Run a WHOIS Search

In the event that the company’s website or social media accounts do not provide any information about the owner, you can do a WHOIS search. The WHOIS database contains the name of every domain owner.

By typing “whois” into your browser, you will find all the relevant information about the business. Once you open the site and enter the business’s domain name, you will see full information.

Some domain owners, however, prefer to remain anonymous and pay third-party apps to hide their information. If the domain owner’s name appears to be “Domains by Proxy,” they have hidden their identity.

Contact your local licensing or regulatory agency

The government offices in charge of business licenses may also be able to provide you with information about a business owner. To find the proper authorizing body, you can also use search engines. Start your search with these queries:

    1. State/province business licenses
    2. City, state, or province of the certificate of occupancy
    3. Inspections of licenses by cities, states, and provinces
    4. Permits for businesses are issued by the city, state, or province

Note: To make these queries work properly, you need to know the exact city and state of the business.

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Search the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reports

Getting recognition for their companies is a reason why business organizations register with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This organization collects and distributes information about businesses. By reading the Better Business Bureau reports, you can obtain information about a business or its owner. There is even a possibility that it will store information about companies that are not registered. You may not get the primary contact details of the business. Check the dates of the reports as well, as it might often display older data.

Check out the state’s database of registered businesses

By searching the state database, you can find out who owns a company. To keep a record of their business, every state requires business owners to register their company name. On the internet, you can easily find them.

The process is as simple as typing the name of the business and waiting for the results. If the company you’re searching for is registered in that state, you’ll get the owner’s name and contact information. Additionally, if the company is not registered in the state where you are searching, it will provide a list of other states. Online directories like Hoover’s or Dun & Bradstreet can also provide additional information. Using these websites, you can find businesses organized by industry in your area.

Contact your local chamber of commerce

You can find the business owner’s name in the Chamber of Commerce directory. You can usually find it on their public website. To find chamber members and small businesses, simply open the website and look for a business profile. In most cases, the owner is a member.

You can search privately

Private search companies like Manta and Hoovers can help you if you have exhausted all the above methods but still cannot locate the owner’s name.

In order to access these websites, you must pay a fee. In addition, you should read the website’s terms and conditions.


There you go. You can try these methods to find a business owner. Hopefully, one of these methods will help you to reach your destination. Wishing you very good luck with your search!

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