How to make and sell NFT art

How to make and sell NFT art in 2022

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are cryptographic assets that represent real-world items such as art, music, or videos. As digital works of art, they have become fashionable. The fact that these digital files cannot be destroyed or duplicated means that you own them in their entirety as soon as you buy an NFT. Here’s How to make and sell NFT art for business evolution.

NFTs have recently become popular as collectibles and are resold for profit, like normal works of art. In some cases, artists even receive royalties.

For digital artists, this is great news, given the outrageous prices NFTs have sold for. What is the best way to make and sell your own NFT art?

NFT art creation and profitability for artists: here’s what you need to know.

Step 1 – Choose or create the art that will serve as your NFT

In order to create NFT, artists must either create it themselves or find it. If you want to make a new piece of art, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch. The next step to selling your NFT is to show the world your previous digital artwork that you would like to share.

It is important to note that NFTs are subject to a relatively limited number of rules. Original content can be sold as long as it is your own.

The NFT marketplace allows you to sell digital art, songs, memes, and even recipes, but not random memes you find online.

It’s also possible to create a new piece of artwork instead of selling your old one. The creation of your art doesn’t require any special skills since you can convert almost any digital file to a NFT.

The following file types are supported by most markets:

      1. Jpeg
      2. TXT
      3. PNG
      4. MP3
      5. Gifs

Step 2 – Set up your Ethereum wallet

You will need a digital wallet if you are interested in selling cryptocurrencies like Ethereum on the NFT market.

Your digital wallet will be able to receive cryptocurrency if someone purchases your art, in addition to paying the hosting fees associated with your NFT on the marketplace.

Digital wallets can be created on several different platforms, and most major platforms are compatible with most markets. There are numerous digital wallet platforms available, including:

      1. Coinbase Wallet
      2. Rainbow
      3. Meta Mask Wallet

Consider a scenario in which you wish to buy and sell NFTs. For that reason, you can store any NFTs you purchase directly in a digital wallet like Coinbase, which allows you to see them at any time.

Step 3 – Buy a small amount of ETH for your wallet

Next, you will have to buy a small amount of Ethereum to be stored in your digital wallet. There is a good reason why you should buy NFTs, even though you are not the buyer. If you want to sell your NFTs on the market, you’ll need a little bit of ETH since most markets have fees associated with them.

Once you’ve decided how much money you want to invest in Ethereum, you only need to invest that amount once the price of ETH fluctuates.

ETH shouldn’t have to be bought on a separate exchange since you probably won’t need to use one. There’s no need to make a separate transfer when purchasing ETH directly through most wallets, such as MetaMask and Rainbow.

The option to purchase Ethereum on the PayPal or Venmo platforms is always available if the wallet you choose does not allow direct purchases.

Step 4 – Find an NFT Market You Like

After setting up your wallet and purchasing your cryptocurrency, you are ready to go. Finding a market in which to sell your NFT is the next step. There are many platforms to choose from when creating a digital wallet. On the market, there are many platforms to choose from.


As one of the most popular and affordable options for NFT markets, Rareible processes hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

It does not require coding knowledge or technical knowledge in order to use the minting process.

There are very few restrictions on what can be sold on Rarible’s NFT marketplace. This is if you’re trying to sell an NFT that isn’t a traditional piece of art like a song, recipe, or animation.

Open sea

In addition to being one of the first marketplaces, OpenSea is well-known as a platform for selling NFTs.

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