Invisalign Cost and its types in the UK

Invisalign Cost and its types in the UK

Invisalign Cost and its types in the UK

Over the past 10 years or more, people have turned towards Invisalign with a renewed love for its amazing abilities. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, Invisalign is stylish, minimally invasive, and more comfortable than metal braces. let’s discuss more ups and downs of Invisalign Cost in the UK.

Cost is another thing people consider. Invisalign is not as expensive as you think and a better alternative to traditional braces. What’s more? Invisalign is nearly invisible and very effective in correcting misaligned teeth. At your consultation, your dentist will show you on a computer, how gradually your teeth will move. This is before your treatment even starts!

What a huge relief as patients get to see their fantastic end results after the treatment period. This is not what you get with metal braces. Following Invisalign deals, millions of people over the world have had this treatment, and more persons are subscribing to it.

Invisalign invisible braces defined

Clear aligners are used to move your teeth to the right position. First, impressions of your teeth will be taken and used to create a 3D model of your teeth with the aid of Align Tech and computer.

Following your dentist-prescribed treatment plan, the computer creates a retainer for the different phases between your existing teeth and the desired result. You get to have an aligner for each phase of the procedure. With this, your smile gets adjusted until it’s perfect.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign offers more comfort, an aesthetically pleasing smile, and subtle treatment. Plus the aligners are easily removed during meals. So, you can eat your favorite food without worry. It’s easy to maintain oral hygiene with Invisalign. Its removability allows you to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth and aligners.

Do you know Invisalign offers quick results? Yes, your teeth begin to align immediately, and you can watch your progress throughout the phases. You’ll get more confident as your smile is being restored, and others won’t even know you’re receiving treatment as your aligners are nearly invisible.

You’ll get new customized aligners every 2 weeks, and as treatment continues, you’ll see significant changes in your teeth. Invisalign isn’t painful or uncomfortable, yet there may be a little adjustment period when using a new retainer.

What’s the price of invisible braces?

Every major cosmetic work demands money; treatment can be pricey, especially in comparison to preventative dentistry on the NHS.

Invisalign is affordable, though a little above traditional metal braces. Treatment cost depends on your dentist, but generally, the price is between £1500 to £5500. This price may change depending on factors including:

      • The amount of prep work required before treatment
      • Your location
      • Number of sessions you’ll have at your dentist’s
      • You can meet a local provider for consultation. Many orthodontists offer a free consultation, and you can know the cost and duration of treatment. They even provide suggestions for other orthodontic treatments.

Financing options are available at most dentists for treatments that are expensive. You can get zero percent financing at some dental practices. Find out your dentist’s financing options if you can’t make a full up-front payment. They can help you with reasonable Invisalign Cost in the UK deals.

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What can Invisalign treat?

Aligners can correct a good number of teeth problems, ranging from fairly misaligned to slightly complex cases that need a long-term solution.

Cases where Invisalign are commonly used, include:

      1. Widely spaced teeth: A case where a clear gap is between two or more teeth
      2. Overcrowded teeth: A case where there is no space on the jaw for all your teeth and more space is needed
      3. Crossbite: A case where there is a clear misalignment between the upper and lower sets of teeth
      4. Deep bites: A case where the top set of teeth overlaps the lower set of teeth when the mouth is closed.
      5. Underbites: A case where the lower set of teeth overlaps the upper set when your mouth is closed Whether a treatment is good for you or not is determined by consulting a dentist close to you. They will offer advice on the treatment and recommend any other potential complementary treatment if necessary.

Who qualifies for Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign Cost in the UK also depends on a person who can really qualify for it. A good number of adolescents and adult cases can be treated by visiting a dental practice. For teenagers, a modified version of the normal mold known as Invisalign Teen is sometimes used for them. This option treats crooked teeth for teenagers who are greatly self-conscious.

Usually, it is smart to always seek your dentist’s opinion and advice to determine which treatment is simply best for you. During your consultation, you’ll be checked to know how qualified you are for the treatment. If you have had treatments in the past, it may pose a challenge to teeth realignment. So, the best step remains to carry out an extensive assessment prior to treating the case.

Dental bridges

This treatment is usually used to link two or more teeth together. What this implies is that they can pose a problem to realigning the teeth. This will be determined on a per case basis. Speak to your dentist to find out which option is the best.

Dental crowns

Typically, your aligners should not be disturbed by dental implants. However, the implant can be adjusted as a part of the treatment process


Just like dental implants, there shouldn’t be an issue with your aligners. But veneers could be adjusted as a part of the alignment procedure.

Key takeaways

Having explained all these, we do hope that this would guide you in making a decision about the treatment.

Remember that the cost of Invisalign and what you should expect during treatment has also been covered. The ball is in your court now.

Need more help?

As expected, you may have further questions you want to ask. It could be in the area of financing your treatment. Well, our Invisalign offer in London is one of the best as it provides you with all you need to have a full treatment.

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