Josh Richard Biography & More

Josh Richard Biography & More – Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Josh Richard is one of the most popular social media influencers on TikTok, which started with millions of followers. As a result of his attractive personality and gorgeous looks, he is a very popular online model. This is why he has so many female fans online and is well known. Here’s Some Information About Josh Richard Biography & More…

Josh launched his profession in 2020 by posting videos online. In order to become a well-known figure, he had to travel a long way. The fact that he put in so much effort and sacrifice led him to the position he is in now. Summer Dropouts and Brother’s Keeper were his first acting roles in 2018.

Shares, likes, and followers flocked to the artist’s tiktok account. Sway House, home to many well-known tiktok, offered him the chance to join. It is the place where all of the well-known social media startups gather to live and work.

On top of that, Josh Richard is an educated, unique, and idealistic individual. His many qualities make him stand out from the crowd. His success and reputation online can likely be attributed to that.

Josh Richard Biography &Age, Girlfriend, Net, Worth, Family, Height, Biography

Age of Josh Richard

Josh Richard was born in Toronto on January 31, 2002, making him 20 years old (as of 2022). His zodiac sign is Aquarius, according to reports. As a general rule, Aquarius personalities are idealistic, distinctive, bright, independent, and forward-looking. There is also no definiteness, precision, or uniformity in their classifications.

Josh Richard, a resident of Canada, belongs to a mixed ethical group. Although he is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, he does not have dual citizenship in either country. Currently, he lives in the United States.

Height and weight of Josh Richard

How tall is Josh Richard? Standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, he is a tall man. According to the sources, Josh Richard weighs 57KG. It is possible, however, for the data to increase or decrease depending on the circumstances. However, the most recent and accurate data confirms what was previously stated.

His height is 44-32-35 inches. Additionally, his biceps measure almost 23 inches long.

Richards’ family

There is always something worth talking about when it comes to social media family, no matter where you are. It wouldn’t have been possible for the stars to be in this location without them. The same reasoning can be applied to Josh Richard’s accomplishments.

A total of five people make up Josh Richards’ family. In addition to him, his parents have a son and a daughter. He has a brother named Williams and a sister named Olivia. His parents’ names are currently unknown on the internet since he never disclosed any information about them.

His parents and siblings were quite encouraging when he began creating stuff for the internet in 2010. If he is to achieve success in life, his family will have to make many concessions

Josh Richards Girlfriend/Dating

According to multiple reports, Josh Richards and tiktok celebrity Nessa Barrett had a relationship. Despite frequent sightings in various locations, things began to change in 2019 when they became closer to one another. That was the best solution that allowed the public and his fans to judge his love life easily.

Previously, we mentioned Nessa Barrett, a tiktok celebrity who produces dance and lip-syncing videos. The official tiktok account of hers has approximately 14 million followers at the moment. In addition, she tends to lip-sync to pop and rap music in most of her lip-sync videos. Her debut song, Pain, was released in July 2020. She also sings with a lot of passion.

It became public knowledge that they had broken up in June 2020. Relationships do not exist at the moment.

Estimated net worth

Among social media users, Josh is known for his role as an actor. There are almost 24 million followers on his official Tiktok account. According to estimates, Josh Richards’ net worth is $1.5 million as of 2022. In order to make money, he took part in paid sponsorships, deals, and promotions. As well as other activities.

The career field

Josh Richard began his online career in 2010. It was through posting humorous lip-sync videos on the tiktok account that he found success. Due to his good looks and engaging demeanor, Josh Richard became a celebrity in the eyes of many girls. His videos show that he enjoys acting as well.

Similar reasons explain his appearances in Brother’s Keeper and Summertime Dropouts. It was a year of release for both movies. As a result of his involvement in both films, he gained public attention and popularity. At the moment, he has a number of options when it comes to getting signed by a production company.

Facts of josh Richard

    1. A lot of his Instagram photos are sultry.
    2. Acting, dancing, and swimming are some of his interests.
    3. He enjoys solid relationships with and is connected to his family.
    4. Hollywood is his dream job.
    5. Participating in his preferred sport, football.
    6. Ani energy drink was his most notable collaboration.
    7. His followers are mostly women.
    8. A film featuring summer school dropouts featured him as his brother’s keeper.
    9. He has a sizable fan base on Tiktok.
    10. Josh is a member of Sway House.


As of 2022, Josh Richards has never been involved in any scandal, either personal or professional. The internet is generally silent these days. As a result, he has been able to maintain a successful career and stay clear of all contentious issues throughout his career.

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