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Top 7 mobile applications for business

Mobile applications for business are not a fashion accessory, but an effective tool for solving business problems. Office equipment is exchanged, the daily routine is simplified, and project deadlines are not disrupted. Several mobile applications that can streamline your work are discussed in the new issue of the joint project between and Tele2 “Business Driver.”

  1. SignEasy

Convenient way to sign and fill out documents.

You can sign any document with SignEasy in just two easy steps. Using a stylus or a finger, users sign directly on the mobile device’s screen – or by importing a file from email or a cloud service. Document formats supported by the mobile application include regular text documents (created in Word and Excel) and PDF and JPG files.

SignEasy also provides several useful features, from the basics, such as sending documents for signature, tracking their progress, and reminding signers. The more pleasant options are also available, such as choosing the ink color.

  1. OmniFocus

The task manager who can do almost everything

Additionally, Omnifocus follows the GTD principle (Getting Things Done: 1) write down things; 2) decide what to do next; 3) execute what is written). Besides being suitable for personal affairs as well as team projects, Omnifocus can do a lot. You can store the data of all participants on your personal server after synchronizing them with the application.

A catalog of tasks can be created using the “Projects” option. Tasks can be tagged based on their context, such as location, nearby person, etc. With the help of geotags, for example, you can sort tasks that need to be attended to while in the office.

You can also plan a day in the application (using a to-do list and a map with tags). Using the “Collect Reminders” function, you’ll be able to access all your mail reminders, while using the “Forecast” option, you’ll be able to see what next steps need to be taken. In other words, Omnifocus is a secretary app with coffee brewing capabilities, but with no other functions.

  1. Weekdone

A tool for monitoring employee productivity

Executives will find Weekdone to be an easy-to-use application. As well as tracking individual employee productivity, it also helps the team as a whole. Do you know how it works? A reminder based on the week’s results is sent to each employee of the company after they register for the service.

Throughout it, he discusses what he achieved, what challenges he encountered, and what he intends to accomplish in the coming months. The manager receives weekly reports with consolidated information from different employees. In the form of graphs that help him understand the situation more quickly.

  1. LinkedIn

A service for finding employees and getting recommendations

It hardly needs an introduction to say that social networks are helpful for business. You won’t find cat photos on this social network or tests like “Who was I in a past life?” like on other social networks.

On LinkedIn, you can connect with other business people and do business. Smartphones can be equipped with the mobile version of social networks, but this is not a requirement. Your social network profile will be updated, and you will be able to track announcements from your partner organizations.

  1. Camscanner

The mobile document scanner

Documents can be digitized, saved, and mailed with a mobile scanner just as with a regular scanner. Using Camscanner, you can crop, darken, or brighten document scans right in the application. In addition, the file can be saved in PDF format, tagged or commented on, or several scanned files combined into one. Using Camscanner, you can also scan documents and upload them to the cloud, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.

  1. “Consultant Plus”

Mobile version of the directory of legal acts and documents

Tax payments, employment contracts, property rights registration. Everything in the regular version of the help system is available in the mobile application “Consultant.” You’ll be able to find any document you need with a quick keyword search; all the information is literally in your pocket.

  1. HandyKPI

Mobile application for tracking KPI

KPIs are key performance indicators (KPIs) that measure the performance of a company or team. For instance, to quickly gather the results of employees’ work, use key indicator figures,

such as sales volumes and revenue, to produce a general report. In addition to receiving the results via mail, employees can also access the results through the application.

You can use HandyKPI to quickly and easily analyze the most significant business indicators by month or year, without having to be an expert in business monitoring.

Using mobile applications for business allows companies to save resources, optimize their work, and spend more time developing. You only need reliable mobile Internet on favorable terms in order for your smartphone or tablet to do its work. It will be easier to handle this task with the corporate rates offered by Tele2.

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