Risks of hiring a private investigator for child custody

Risks of Hiring a Private Investigator for Child Custody

Risks of hiring a private investigator for child custody

Using a Colorado private investigator for a child custody case is an option if you are fighting with your ex-partner over child custody. Getting vital information for your case will be easier with the help of a private investigator (PI) for child custody. It is possible to keep custody of your children with the information gathered by a private investigator. To assist you in gaining custody, we’ll explore when it may be useful to hire the services of a Colorado private investigator.

Investigating the custody of a child with a private detective

In divorce cases involving children, custody battles often get messy because emotions are often running high. It is even possible that there will be allegations of abuse and neglect that will have an impact on the decision regarding child custody.

Your case might be strengthened if you are able to present evidence that proves your innocence or otherwise establishes your innocence. The proof you need to prove the charges are false or not admissible can be found, for instance, if someone falsely accuses you of neglecting your child. A Colorado court or jury will need to see proof of the crime if you accuse your former partner of neglecting your child.

A Colorado private investigator can work to ensure your children’s interests are taken into account by the Colorado court system. Your child’s safety can be guaranteed by him or her conducting investigations. Furthermore, he or she can obtain evidence that will be helpful in your court case.

Cases involving private detectives and child custody

Custody battles may involve one or more of the following:

Right to make decisions about what’s right for your children is a part of legal custody.

Physical custody – The right for your children to live with you in your home while you are away from them.

Sole custody – Involves living with your children solely. Additionally, your child will be able to make decisions based on your legal rights.

It is still possible for the court to grant visitation rights to your ex-partner when it has awarded you sole custody. You cannot give him or her any authority to decide where your children will live or what they will do.

The children’s decisions will be made by both you and your ex-partner if you have joint legal custody. Nonetheless, if a major disagreement occurs, the court will get involved.

Joint physical custody means that your children will live with you for some of the time if the court grants you joint physical custody. Their other parent will then be their primary caregiver for the remainder of their lives.

Considering the well-being and interests of your children

Court will consider your children’s welfare interests when deciding what type of custody to award. The long-term interest of a child depends on a number of factors. Certain factors will determine the outcome in some cases. A relationship may be affected by abuse, for instance. Occasionally, however, the courts require more subtle information in order to reach a decision.

In each case, the court makes a decision about which parent is most capable of providing for the children. Their safety is taken into account when determining where they will live. As well as considering the children’s physical and mental needs, the court also considers their parents’ needs. Other family members can also assist in raising the children if they are present.

Both parents’ stability and lifestyles are taken into account by the court. Considerations include:

      • Records of criminal activity
      • Abuse or neglect of any kind
      • History of violence of any kind
      • Alcohol and drug abuse

What are the circumstances in which a private investigator can assist with child custody matters?

To ensure the court makes the right decision, you can provide it with evidence provided by a private investigator for child custody. When you believe your ex-partner has neglected or abused your child, it can be especially helpful to hire a private investigator. The court will be more inclined to award custody if you can prove this behavior.

You will be held responsible for the actions of your ex-partner if you have scant or no evidence to support your claim. A court will not believe your word without proof. Private investigators in Colorado are capable of gathering information that ensures the court meets the needs of your children.

What information can a private investigator acquire for a custody case?

To support your Risks of hiring a private investigator for child custody case, PIs can collect a wealth of evidence. Through the following methods:

Surveillance – Your ex-partner’s behavior towards your child will be observed by a private investigator. If abuse or neglect is occurring, the police should investigate. Drug and alcohol testing is another specialty of private investigators. Your ex-partner’s spouse can also testify about his or her behavior and home environment.

Witness Statements – A witness statement is an extremely valuable piece of evidence. To verify the conduct, character, and suitability of the other parent, the investigator may interview independent witnesses.

Background Information – You can hire a private investigator to conduct a background check on your ex-partner. In order to determine if your child’s caregiver has sufficient financial resources, you should investigate his or her background. A criminal background check will also reveal troubling history.

The types of cases private investigators can help with

The following are some of the things a private investigator can assist with in a child custody case:

      • Conflicts over custody
      • Custody agreement violations
      • Abuse and neglect Cases
      • Documents proving cohabitation

Whether you need help with child custody cases or the investigation of a missing child, BrightStar Investigations can help. The fear and stress associated with child custody cases are understandable. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be happy to assist you.

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