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Best 75 Unique Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Texas

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We have compiled a list of 75 profitable business ideas for Texas in this article. One of the best places to start a business is in Texas, which is considered one of the most business-friendly states in the country.

Three questions should be answered when considering the following business ideas: does your city or neighborhood lack businesses of this type? Can you find a large number of recipients for such a business? Can you find the right premises or suitable employees for such a business based on your knowledge, acquaintances, and contacts?

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Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Texas

1. Construction Company of Small Size

The construction business should be very profitable in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Housing and services for painting, interior finishing, apartment refurbishment, and house remodeling are in demand in Texas due to the growing population. Texas also attracts a large number of immigrants, both from abroad and from other US states. The number of migrants in Texas increased by 187,545 between July 2017 and July 2018 only (source).

2. A 3D Printing Shop and 3D Printing Services

There are more and more applications for 3D printing as it becomes more popular. There is therefore an increasing demand for 3D printers and accessories, as well as their services. Besides printing custom 3D designs, the business also helps design 3D objects, and creates and sells 3D printed designs online.

3. Catering and Meal Subscriptions

It is possible to operate such a business from home. Private dining chef services are also available through this business. There are different types of food that can be included in meal subscriptions. All meals are available 24 hours a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and international cuisine. In large cities, it is a particularly good business idea, but in the suburbs, where detached houses are common, it has a good chance of success as well.

4. Real Estate, Small And Big

Over half a million homes are estimated to be missing in Texas at the moment (source)! Building houses and settlements on wastelands and areas is a common practice. It is also possible to buy, renovate, and sell inexpensive houses for a much higher price. This is a very forward-looking business, even though it requires some capital, given the population boom in Texas (1000 new citizens daily on average!). Around the biggest cities, there is a great need for new houses and homes. There is a lot of money to be made in this niche.

5. Own Your Product & Sell It

You don’t have to make your own products to sell them under your brand name. These goods can be manufactured in another country at a lower price (such as designer backpacks or electronics). You can then sell these products in Texas as your own.

6. Security Company

Today, more than ever, Texas as well as the entire United States are in need of security services. Bodyguard security services, home alarm sales and installation, firearms training, disaster planning, and disaster management are the most important business ideas in this field.

7. North American Business Hub

Texas is located in the middle of the USA, close to Latin American countries on the Gulf of Mexico. As a result of its location, it could be a hub for businesses of all kinds.

8. The business of skin care

The lifespan of people is increasing, and older people are in need of skincare and rejuvenation services more than ever before. In 2025, the industry is expected to be worth over $ 180 billion.

9. Valuable Goods Exported and Imported and Imported from Mexico

Importing some goods from Mexico to Texas and selling them in the USA might be a good idea. Buying some goods that are very valuable in the USA can be very cheap in Mexico, so it is important to choose them carefully.

10. Small Scale Manufacturing

Providing your customers with something unique makes manufacturing a good business idea. The possibilities are endless for producing and selling things in your city, online, at craft fairs, and in local stores and fairs. There are many things you can produce and sell in Texas, including handmade soap, natural cosmetics, pottery, ceramic tiles, jewelry, birdhouses, and more.

11. Elderly Services

Since people are living longer and the number of older people is increasing in Texas, businesses in this niche are likely to be profitable. There is often a lack of independence or difficulty with simple activities among the elderly. It is therefore possible to develop great business ideas for the elderly specifically: transportation, errands, shopping, home delivery (especially during a pandemic), billing assistance, gardening, housekeeping, dog walking, and technology assistance (such as learning to use a smartphone and the Internet). If your business knows how to contact older people, they are very willing to pay for goods and services.

12. Attraction & Entertainment Business In Big Cities

It’s still difficult to find unique places and attractions in most of Texas’ largest cities. If someone asks you what’s worth seeing in, say, Austin, you respond, “There are just a few things you have to see”. A profitable business can be created by creating such unique places in big cities, since there aren’t many of them. These places will also be of interest to tourists, and there are many of them in Texas. Businesses such as riverside restaurants with beautiful views, balloon flights, theme parks, amusement parks, and escape rooms are examples of such businesses.

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13. Business of recycling (plastics, metal waste, etc.)

It is possible to make a lot of money in this business. Numerous niches exist, such as metals, plastics, glass, printer cartridges, electric trash, etc. Most of them can be profitable for you. Compost and biomass can also be used to produce biofuels and humus.

14. A Food Trucking Business

In the largest cities across the country, food truck businesses are very profitable. The advantage of this method is that it requires little investment.

15. Pet Grooming & Dog Care

Texas has a high demand for pet grooming services and products, particularly for dogs. It is worth considering opening one if such a business does not exist in a city or neighborhood.

16. Online Grocery Shop & Delivery

There has been an increase in the popularity of this type of business in recent years. It is becoming increasingly popular for people to spend a couple of dollars more and shop straight from home for a variety of reasons. The idea makes sense in small towns and villages as well as in big cities.

17. Healthy Organic Food Store Or Restaurant

This type of business is a very important and future-oriented niche because foods in the 21st century are becoming increasingly contaminated with chemicals and unhealthy substances. Nature and fresh, healthy food are in great demand among many people. Having both a vegetable garden with fresh food and a restaurant with natural and healthy meals can be a good idea. It is also a good idea to choose clothes, cosmetics, towels or home accessories that are natural.

18. Organizing conferences and renting out event spaces

Texas is home to many large companies. The state is also home to many entrepreneurs who have moved their businesses from other states. The reason for this is that these companies often wish to organize conferences, symposiums, or corporate events. Texas is home to large companies such as AT&T, Dell, ExxonMobil, Pizza Hut, and American Airlines. It would also be a great business idea to provide many other services to big companies like this.

19. Festivals, Parties & Special Events Organization & Planning

Mass events and festivals can be very profitable, especially if they attract a large crowd. Besides selling concert tickets, you can also rent space to shopkeepers and sellers to sell food, snacks, drinks, and small items. Free attractions, such as competitions, lotteries, and games, can help draw more people to these events. Promotion of such events is especially important in the locations where they take place.

20. Luxury VIP Transport  & Chauffeur Services

Many large companies have their headquarters in Texas, making it one of the most important business centers in the country. Transport, public transportation, hotel rental, conference and travel planning, and food and products of high quality are part of this demand.

21. Farming Microgreens, Vertical Farming & Herbs

You can grow microgreens even in a small space like a basement, as shown in this video. Microgreens grown this way can be sold to local shops and restaurants, as well as to your neighbors and over the Internet. This full-time business can earn you over $10,000 per month.

22. Set Up a Vineyard

Texas produces the fifth most wine in the United States. Grapes grow well in Texas because of its climate.

23. Storage & Warehouse Business

There is plenty of free land and wastelands in Texas that are perfect for building warehouses.

Seaports and the area between Houston, Austin and Dallas are particularly good places for such warehouses.

24. Home Care For The Elderly & Disabled

It may be a good business idea if you are able to arrange a large number of professional, caring, and responsible carers for the elderly. With such a high demand for this type of service in Texas, it could be the most lucrative business.

25. Elderly Home

This type of business requires responsibility and professionalism, but it is also very profitable. In order for a building to serve the elderly effectively, it needs to be large enough and adapted to their needs.

26. Health Care Services

There is never a shortage of profit opportunities in the healthcare industry. The health and life of a relative can be purchased for almost any amount. Businesses of this type include therapy centers, medical transcription companies, home healthcare providers, childbirth centers, nutritionists, and medical marijuana dispensaries.

27. Services for Handyman & TV

Providing handyman services and TV and computer repair is certainly one of the most profitable businesses in Texas. You can make really big money repairing relatively simple and small things if you are a handyman or can set up your own company that hires handymen. Often, just changing the batteries in someone’s remote control, or setting the antenna, or screwing it in can earn them $50 or more.

28. Repairing Appliances

You can expect to earn $75 to $500 on average for repairing one appliance. In addition to having a lot of technical knowledge and skills, this could be a very lucrative business for you.

29. Advertising Agency

You will have many customers willing to pay a lot for your service if you specialize in any particular field of marketing and are really good at it. This kind of business has the advantage of not requiring a lot of capital to get started.

30. The cleaning business

Almost no capital is required to start a home cleaning business, window cleaning business, office cleaning business, or any other type of cleaning business. You can develop and expand it over time as more customers and money come in.

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31. Landscaping Business

Start-up costs for landscaping businesses range from $10,000 to $15,000. Private customers, corporations, companies, institutions, and urban and public spaces can all benefit from this type of business.

32. Sale of Plants & Gardening Services

There are many possibilities in this niche since it is large and wide. Among the many opportunities you can offer are the sale of rare plants, bonsai, roof gardening, soil production, fertilizers, pots, and soil.

33. Company That Specializes In Cyber Security

The field of cybersecurity is still relatively young in the field of computer science. There has been a significant increase in the demand for services in this field over the past few years. It could be the most profitable business in Texas if you offer high quality professional cyber security services as people are willing to pay a lot of money for security (and cybersecurity too).

34. Food Franchise Or Gas Station In The Middle Of Nowhere

There is often a high profit margin associated with this business. A large radius around a highway usually does not have any petrol stations or places to stop.

35. Stock Photography & Video Company

With the advent of the Internet, the demand for high quality pictures and films has increased significantly. There is a need for high-quality films and pictures that depict various elements of reality and life. Many examples of such images, including high-quality pictures of Texas cities, professional photography of machinery, streets, houses, nature, architecture, and many others. There are a lot of interesting things to photograph and film in Texas due to its large size and diversity. Such a company could photograph and record mountains, rivers, lakes, and the sea, as well as numerous towns and villages, and then sell the images and films. Stock images companies like Adobe Stock Images, Shutterstock, and iStock are examples of such companies.

36. Restaurant & Food Delivery

There are many ways to make food delivery a profitable business. For example, Uber Eats is one way of doing this, but drones are another option.

37. Foreign Cuisine Restaurant

Big cities are usually ideal for businesses that serve original, tasty food. It is essential that such a business is not too competitive in order to be profitable. The Internet and social media are also very important for such a business. Swedish cuisine, Icelandic cuisine, German cuisine, Polish cuisine, Georgian cuisine, Nigerian cuisine, and Saudi Arabian cuisine are examples of such original restaurants.

38. Woodworking & Carpentry

Money can be made relatively easily this way. The only thing you need is some wood and a little creativity.

39. A Business Oriented to Children

In a neighborhood with a lot of people but no children’s businesses, it might make sense to start one.

40. Management Services For Properties

The most profitable business in Texas is definitely starting a property management business if you have enough capital. Texas is a very profitable state for this niche, like real estate. The demand for it is really high.

41. Banners Printing, Sale and Services

Depending on the industry in which you want to start a business, it can be very profitable. In a place without competition, it can be an extremely profitable business. There are many entities that require banners, including entrepreneurs (especially small businesses), organizations, politicians (especially before elections), and many others.

42. Gift & Flower Delivery

Delivering gifts and flowers is a very profitable business with a very high profit margin.

43. Boat Rental, Water Sports & Canoeing

Texas has many lakes and rivers, as well as the sea. There is always a great deal of business potential in such areas as the water. Swimming, fishing, and relaxing on the beach are all popular water sports. Hotels, restaurants, spas, motorboat rentals, and boat cruises are also available in nice waterfront areas. An interesting idea would be to build a restaurant on the ship or on the water.

44. Personal Training, Sports & Fitness

The importance of sport and movement in human life cannot be overstated. Sport is essential for health, according to research. Therefore, sports-related businesses can be very profitable. Offering something that attracts many people but does not have much competition is important.

45. Office Spaces Renting Out & Sale

A relatively simple business that is particularly profitable in large cities.

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46. Pool Cleaning

Teenagers or those with small start-up capital might be able to start this business, since the business model is fairly simple.

47. Shopping Services & Delivery

It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to go shopping. Business opportunities and additional services are numerous in this future-oriented company.

48. Agent Specializing in Tutoring

For young people who want to make their first big money, this would be one of the most profitable businesses in Texas. You can make quite a lot of money teaching school subjects, languages, programming languages, or instruments if you know them well. It is possible to develop this type of business and tutor yourself at first, and then hire employees over time to tutor instead.

49. A Youth Hostel or a Bed & Breakfast

Having a few rooms or a whole house available for rent could be a good business idea. A hostel like this can often make a great deal of money if it’s located in a large city or in a popular tourist region.

50. A Mobile Saloon & Beauty Center

An innovative business idea like a mobile saloon caters to customers who do not want to come to the saloon. Instead, they prefer that services be provided to them at their homes. Depending on the size of the car, such services can be provided in the customer’s apartment or in the car (if it is large enough to accommodate a bed or comfortable chairs).

51. Mobile SPA & Massage

The only thing you need is a large car or truck with comfortable beds or seats inside.

52. Fundraising Services

A foundation that raises funds and conducts fundraising is a very profitable endeavor. Profits can be obtained by such companies proportionally to their size.

53. A Unique Store

One of the best ideas for the most profitable business in Texas is to build a niche store that attracts unique products from a large number of customers. There is a good chance that you will have many customers if you offer something that is not easily available on the market. Check if there is already competition in this field to make sure your business will be profitable. Use Google Trends to see how many people in your area are searching for the goods you wish to sell. Enter ‚Äú near me‚ÄĚ and you will see if it is a good idea for you.

54. Services For box Subscriptions

Any other goods except food, snacks, sweets, or beverages.

55. Personal Assistance Agency

Simple tasks often require the assistance of an assistant. You can create a group of such people and accept orders from them.

56. Services For Transports & Delivery

It is possible to start such a business with just one car and a small budget (for example, you can do small transportation). The number of employees and means of transportation can be increased over time as the company develops. Punctuality and fast delivery are the foundations of the success of such a company.

57. Rental Services (EQUIPMENT, MACHINES, ETC.)

Almost anything can be borrowed, including vehicles, trailers, machines, and even animals (such as goats or cats).

58. Customizes Clothes & Uniforms

There are many potential customers for businesses that manufacture and sell customized clothing. Company uniforms, gas station uniforms, or supermarket uniforms can be customized for companies, organizations, or schools. T-shirts and clothing can also be printed by such a business.

59. Transcription & Translation Services

Many of these businesses can be conducted online, without you having to leave your house.

60. SEO, Social Media Advisory & Digital Marketing

Talented and creative people and companies still have a lot of room to grow despite the current level of competition.

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61. Consulting Business

The public needs expert advice. Pay for them and provide them.

62. Trip Planning Services & Travel Agency

Travel is something almost everyone enjoys. Tourism businesses need to reach tourists effectively in order to be successful, since they may have to persuade them to take such trips.

63. Maids Services

There isn’t much capital needed to start this business idea. Maid services are very in-demand in Texas, so this can be a very profitable business. This type of business is especially well suited to Texas’ biggest cities.

64. The e-commerce industry

It is still possible to develop other e-commerce stores despite the fact that large sites like Amazon or Ebay already exist. In Texas, well-run e-commerce can become the most profitable business if you stand out with a different quality, customer approach, and something unique. An organization like this will also benefit greatly from Texas’ low taxes.

65. Sale Of Cars & Vehicles, Accessories, and Professional Services

For example, you can clean upholstery, wash cars, tune up cars, clean yachts, and rent them out.

66. Services Related to Film Editing & Sound Editing

The production of music or the provision of DJ services, for example.

67. Texas Related Apps, Software & IT Services

It’s a very broad niche, and it’s also very future-proof. Geo-location apps, weather apps, local society apps, events apps, and business apps are examples of such apps.

68. Upholstery & Furniture Repair

Although this business seems inconspicuous, it can be very profitable.

69. Carpet Cleaning

Profit margins in carpet cleaning are high (often over 75%), and costs are relatively low. This can be a great and perhaps the most profitable business for you in Texas if there is no competition in your district or neighborhood. This business also has the advantage of being quite simple.

70. Interior Design & Decorating

Decorating business may be the most profitable business in Texas for you if you enjoy decorating and have a creative sense. You don’t need a lot of capital to start this kind of business. This type of service can also be provided online without leaving your home (for example, you can send virtual interior designs to your clients).

71. Dealing In Antiques & Collectibles

The amount of money collectors are willing to pay for ordinary items (such as stamps, furniture, or old weapons) is amazing. If you’re passionate about certain hobbies or fields, or if you’re without much capital, this can be one of the most profitable types of businesses to start in Texas.

72. Cosmetics and Beauty Products Manufacturing And Sales

You don’t have to be an expert in cosmetics or beauty products to produce them yourself. Natural and eco-friendly products without unnecessary chemicals are particularly popular.

73. Home Smart Technology Service

Developing and implementing smart home elements is a very profitable business idea, which is in high demand. Smart lighting, door locks, thermostats, security and monitoring systems, and wireless speaker systems comprise the most important elements of a smart home.

74. Nurse & Medical Advisory Online

Especially nowadays, a short conversation with a doctor or other health professional can be very valuable for the sick and elderly. The telecommuting and telecare business can be very lucrative, but you will have to reach out to your customers to inform them of your offer.

75. Advice & Services for Supply Chain Management

In such a company, you can offer services such as outsourcing, reducing your clients’ costs, transition advisory and assistance, and establishing foreign contacts.

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A business license

Starting a business in Texas requires a license. For all the information you need regarding Texas business licenses, go to this website ‚Äď

There is no state income tax in Texas

there is no individual income tax in Texas, so business income taxable to individuals is not taxed in the state.

Among the most business-friendly states in the USA, Texas is considered one of the best. In Texas, employees have a good work ethic, taxes are low and state laws encourage business development.

Consistent and predictable regulations

Texas is home to many large companies because of its good business conditions. Texas residents and these companies appreciate it, and the situation is not expected to deteriorate or change drastically anytime soon.

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