Best Pregnancy Apps

TOP 5 Best Pregnancy Apps for 2022

Best Pregnancy Apps for pregnant women enables them to monitor their health and that of their future children in an easy and convenient way. Their convenience, practicality, and small size make them suitable for travelling.

The authors also provide nutritional recommendations and a list of items that every woman should have for the first time after childbirth. This will broaden their horizons and give them a measure of organization during this difficult time. A person’s intrauterine development can be studied through applications that provide current news and modern research.

Here is a List of the Leading Best Pregnancy apps & trackers

      1. Pregnancy +
      2. Amila Pregnancy Calendar
      3. Glow Baby
      4. Baby Connect
      5. Baby beat

Pregnant women should have access to more useful information

Pregnancy +

This Russian-language app is available for Android and iPhone and has received many positive reviews.

It is divided into topics:

      • The most optimal time to conceive;
      • Symptoms of healthy intrauterine development;
      • Examinations and analyses;
      • An explanation of contraction counters;
      • A┬álist of purchases that are necessary;
      • Names for kids in the 1000s;
      • Prenatal and postnatal advice for mothers and their families.

There are color pictures with interesting and concise information, without lyrical digressions. Additionally, ultrasound images are stored in a special location. There are colorful illustrations for every week of pregnancy (App). The application is constantly updated and supplemented.

Amila Pregnancy Calendar

They have convenient interfaces, provide useful information about every trimester of pregnancy, and help pregnant women understand the changes in their bodies. Expectant mothers can now use Amila’s pregnancy calendar when planning their pregnancy.

This application helps mothers and pregnant women:

      • Determine the expected date of birth;
      • Document the weight gain and tremors of the unborn child;
      • Document symptoms of pregnancy and prescriptions written by doctors.

It is interesting to note that the application compares the height and weight of the baby with fruits and vegetables of different colors. An original description of all information is provided, along with non-standard comparisons.

The pregnancy calendar also includes a variety of videos, including gymnastics lessons and pelvic strengthening exercises.

A separate block in the tracker is dedicated to dads, where you can read about emotional outbursts in pregnant women, intimate relationships after childbirth, and other relevant topics. Also, expecting mothers will benefit from learning about the weekly development of their baby, vitamins, and contraction counters.

Glow Baby

Pregnant women were able to rate the Glow Baby application, which is intended to collect and store information about the course of pregnancy.

In addition to the information below, the service includes:

        • Rectal temperature measurements every day;
        • Taking vitamins once a week;
        • Physical activity schedule during pregnancy.

It is estimated that there are several tens of points in total. When a woman becomes pregnant, she fills in some of the questions at the beginning and the remainder as she completes the application. Using automated methods, information is collected and analyzed.

New parents will appreciate the daily tips in this pregnancy app for iPhone and Android.

From proper bathing to changing diapers, it teaches the basics of motherhood. Families who wish to communicate live with other parents can use the chat feature.

Baby Connect

Pregnant women can now track their baby with the Baby Connect tracker. Even a laptop or computer can be used to install it. It is instantaneous to sync the entries between user accounts.

A daily reminder app lets you know when your child needs to be fed or taken to the doctor, and you can share photos and experiences with other parents.

You can track the following through the program:

      • The amount of weight that can be gained per week;
      • Schedule for changing diapers and feeding newborns;
      • Stocks of breast milk;
      • Vaccination schedule.

It is easy to navigate the interface. Information stored in the application can be as large as you like.

Baby Beat

An interesting application that allows you to record the heartbeat of a child without having to see a doctor is Heartbeat Recorder. Reviews suggest using the program in total silence for the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

It is possible to add abdominal photos as well as ultrasound images to the gallery at any time. This application provides you with practical tips, including:

How to deal with postpartum depression;

      • When they start receiving artificial feeds;
      • Will my baby benefit from co-sleeping?
      • Heartbeat recording app for phones

A new day means new experiences for a woman expecting a child. Fixing and remembering are important to them.

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