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Trips with friends: The 6+1 is best destination to party.

Let’s see, why fool ourselves? The pro-level tourist Best places for trips with friends in the europe kicking around the top European cities all day is very good. And the posture via social networks appreciates it. But we’re having a party.

Our feet hurt but we’re not going to waste the night. Sleep? Already if that when we return home. And so it goes, we end up looking for information about the best destinations to party to. Because yes, the party is a key determinant when choosing trips with friends, even if you skip that part when you tell your parents about the trip planning.

Why do I put heels/dress/shirt in the suitcase instead of comfortable clothes? Shut up mom, I want to look elegant in the photos in the monuments, which are for life 😉

So that you can keep your cultured image and your traveler’s Instagram profile updated, we are going to offer you the definitive list. The top European tourist destinations with the most (and best) parties. Watch out, watch out! If you were hesitating between several European cities for your internal or for your Best trips with friends and on top of that you wanted to clear up any doubts about the festival of the country in question, this is your list

The following destinations for traveling explain below:

        1. Mykonos
        2. Prague
        3. Budapest
        4. Croatia
        5. Malta
        6. Ibiza

1. Travel with friends to Mykonos

How to define it? Mykonos is the Greek Ibiza, a paradise to party on a trip with friends. Day parties on the beach and disco nights. But nightclubs with swimming pools, there’s a level here, Maribel. Swimsuit insured for the whole day. If we talk about prices, the party is not the cheapest in the world, but you have to experience it once in your life (at least).

The aim, is Playa Paradise: beach bars, clubs, bars, and lots of music 24 hours a day. And then you can spend the post-party hangover in its turquoise waters, so there is no need to take places to travel with friends to the Caribbean to enjoy incredible beaches.

But there is more, don’t go thinking that everything is a beach, there are also parties in the city. In the center, you will find several pubs and clubs. Scandinavian Bar points out, it is in the center and is outdoors (Aggies loaning street). Oh, and stay also with Space Dance, if you like electronic music you won’t want to leave there.

Trips with friends

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2. Trips with friends to Prague

First of all, very important, in Prague, the cup concept does not exist. The normal thing is that you order the alcohol and the soft drink separately, and you already have your COPAZO. (But come on, if you want to blend in with your surroundings, it’s best to order beer).

In Prague there is a party every day of the week, you have several pubs, clubs, and bars to choose from, as well as cabarets and jazz clubs where you can spend a different night. Striptease in pubs is a common thing, so keep it in mind depending on the company of your trip with friends.

(Hint! Music clubs are normal nightclubs, to shake things up, nightclubs are where you’ll find stripteases). And remember, beer and jazz is the perfect mix at night in Prague, if you are looking for such an atmosphere, this is your destination for trips with friends to go out to the top party in Europe.

Trips with friends

3. Travel with friends to Budapest

Although Hungary has a reputation for strictly following the European early bedtime schedule (the one we follow so well 😉) its capital, Budapest, is disobedient and doesn’t sleep. Also, if you are looking for a low-cost party on your trips with friends, this is your destination to go out, very top in terms of prices, guaranteed.

Its ruin pubs (“ruin bars”, to understand us) are another topic, seriously, you have to know it. They are set up in abandoned buildings from the war, and it is the latest trend in Budapest (well, they have been giving war and partying for 10 years now). In addition to being a nightclub and a bar, they function as social centers and exhibition halls, and their decorations are original, rare, different, modern, alternative, crazy, majestic…

We’ll let you define it yourself if you go there, but the fine thing warned you to stay You can also choose to spend the night in a kart, a temporary garden pub located in parks. And you can have a frock, the Hungarian version of the Tinto de Vernon.

Did someone say spa party? Eh, yes, no kidding, Budapest is “the city of baths”, it has many hot springs, and they have invented the FIESTA SPA concept. Nothing more to add, it promises, and a lot of trips with friends here already. They don’t have a bad time with the party in Hungary, do they?

Trips with friends

4. Travel with friends to Croatia

Thus, in a big way, the entire country, that the march is going. Party areas in Croatia change a lot depending on the time of year. In winter, the big cities are the ones that have all the parties, but if you make your trips with friends in summer and you are looking for the best place to go out, go to its islands and beaches.

They also have their particular Ibiza, the island of Peg. More parties on the beach like Mykonos. And yes, it is also day yes day during the whole summer. Also, keep an eye on the data for savers, this Croatian Ibiza is the cheapest you will find, and Croatia stands out for being a fairly cheap destination.

Oh, and if we’re talking about music, this island of Peg has the house as its soundtrack, and it’s famous worldwide for it.


5. Travel with friends to Malta

Let’s not kid ourselves, one of the main reasons to visit Malta when traveling with friends is to party, you know. Yes, it has a lot of monuments, a lot of beautiful beaches and everything you want, but when you return everyone talks about the party in Malta. And of course, you want to, why deny it? (And the prices here are very top, although for equal size their glasses seem like a shot…).

The best place to party in the city? Point out Pikeville, in the Saint Julian’s neighborhood, where it’s always the weekend. (Don’t be cultured pronouncing pistil because no, ready, it’s called Pachelbel )😉.

But in addition to nightclubs, in Malta, you can party on a boat. DISCO CRUISES. As you hear you read. There are different companies that organize these parties at sea, and you will quickly and easily find the theme that you like the most (just ask the hotel which one is on today).

Trips with friends

6. Trip with friends to Amsterdam

It has a special charm for trips with friends. You will fall in love if you visit the city of Amsterdam during the day, but its nights are not wasted either. A city of contrasts, where you can find the type of walking that you most want: if you want to move your body there are very top places for it, but also to enjoy a well-chilled beer with friends.

Given the choice, the most famous area is next to Dam Square, in the center of the city, with bars and nightclubs of all styles. If you are a varied group in terms of tastes in your trips with friends, you can go from one to another throughout the night, and that’s it .🙂

Yes, the drinks in Amsterdam are not the cheapest in the world, and prices change a lot from bars to clubs, so to go out partying easy solution: the first step have something in a bar, the second step go to the club.

Amsterdam 😉

6+1: Extra bonus: Trips with friends to Ibiza

We know, it is in Spain, but if you are looking for trips with friends and destinations to party, Ibiza is a yes or yes on any list. And who cares then, that the product of the land must be sold, and of course, enjoyed?

While our trips with friends to Ibiza. And this is the Ibiza of Ibiza, the original, neither the Greek Ibiza nor the Croatian Ibiza. The Ibiza parties all over Spain are cool, but living it without imitations is long for the bodysuit.

In Ibiza, there are clubs all over the island: Pecha, Space, Amnesia, Ushuaia… Enough not to repeat your stay there. To give a figure, there are more than 50 different parties a week. Of course, the tickets are a bit expensive, but let’s think that it is once in a lifetime, gather strength.

Don’t miss out on the Beach Clubs and the boat parties either: open bars all day, all night. The most glamorous area is the port, but you can also go to the San Antonio area, which is full of foreigners, yes, but the prices are way lower.

6+1. Extra bonus: Trips with friends to Ibiza 😉😉😉

And you, are you looking the best for a group of friends Europe destination to party to? Which one do you prefer?

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