Types of Marketing 10 Marketing Strategies

Types of Marketing: 10 Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an ever-changing field and businesses keep finding new and better ways to market themselves and their products and services. Some marketing strategies have been around for a long time, while others are new and starting to shake things up. There are different types of marketing , so it is inevitable to have so many marketing strategies in the market. Which is a very good thing, since companies can vary their actions. But be careful not to get lost and choose your marketing strategy carefully .

It’s how effectively companies are able to combine these tactics and adapt to new ones that will take their marketing to the next level. Here is an overview of 10 types of marketing and their strategies .

Outbound Marketing

The first type of marketing, outbound marketing , also called traditional marketing , has been the most common approach for businesses in the past.

Outbound marketing includes tactics such as telephone prospecting , direct mail , television advertisements , etc. This strategy usually results in lower ROI or ROI due to the lack of context for the customer. Typically, people aren’t looking for your product/service offering or asking for your message to be sent to them. Therefore, they are not likely to take action or convert to leads or customers .

That being said, this method has always worked for businesses and can still be viable when combined with other types of marketing strategies .

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing , or inbound marketing, is a relatively new tactic that was implemented largely by HubSpot. This type of marketing is based on the concept of attracting by being useful and relevant to your audience rather than being interruptive.

Types of Marketing

Inbound marketing uses tactics such as email marketing, content marketing , search engine optimization ( SEO ), click-through advertising ( PPC ), and more. the goal being to attract visitors to your website and keep them coming back throughout the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey is a key tenet of inbound marketing , along with inbound marketing methodology.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

The buyer’s journey takes place in three stages : Awareness, reflection and decision. These represent the different stages a potential customer or lead is in and how far away they are from buying a particular product or service. Awareness is where the majority of people coming to your site are. It is at this point that the buyer has identified a problem they are struggling with.

The next stage, reflection, is where the buyer looks for different solutions to solve the problem they are having. Finally, the decision stage is where the buyer has weighed their options and is ready to choose a solution and close.

The inbound marketing strategy consists of four main actions: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight . This is what connects all the different aspects of inbound marketing . This methodology allows you to turn your marketing strategies into a repeatable process and gives meaning to everything you do, from blogging to workflow. It should be remembered that this type of marketing is increasingly used, and also allows the consumer to better adhere to brands since it comes from himself.

Online marketing or web marketing

Online marketing refers to one of the types of marketing strategies a business can use to promote itself on the internet. Online marketing, sometimes referred to as web marketing, is quite a versatile term and includes web tactics such as social media marketing , search engine marketing, blogging, and more. It is becoming a must for businesses in a world where having an online presence can be a matter of life or death for any given business.

Offline Marketing

Unlike online marketing , offline marketing refers to any marketing strategy a business uses outside of the internet. This type of marketing contains more traditional marketing strategy , or outbound marketing. With offline marketing , businesses will use platforms like TV, radio, word of mouth, mail, flyers, etc.

This type of marketing doesn’t have the same reach as online marketing, but like any marketing strategy , it can still be a viable option depending on the situation, who you’re trying to reach, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the essential parts of inbound marketing. This includes blogs, webinars, podcasts, e-books, and any other content you create and publish. The competition for top-notch content is growing as more and more companies are developing a blog . Nevertheless, this marketing approach remains effective and provides a great platform to communicate with your prospects and customers .

Types of Marketing 10 Marketing Strategies

While content marketing used to be mostly about physical content, since the introduction of the internet and social media , there are now more opportunities to reach a wider audience with more different types of content. Digital content marketing is carried out through various electronic channels in order to identify, predict and fulfil the wants and needs of the consumer. Content marketing must be implemented consistently by organizations┬áto win and retain consumers. This translates into a monthly newsletter or service where a user can subscribe to updates regarding a company’s services or activities.

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