Unique Flower Arrangements for Expressing Love

Four Unique Flower Arrangements for Expressing Love

Most people believe Valentine’s day celebrated on the 14 th of February as a day to express love and romance. Love is about cultivating compassion, kindness and passion.  Valentines is definitely a great opportunity to express true love but not the only one. You do not need to wait for a particular day or an occasion to treat your partner and make them feel special.

Flowers always make a great picky when it comes to expressing love, from confessing your feelings to celebrating years of togetherness. Flowers always come in handy. Do fresh flower shopping from your local florist in lyndhurst nj.

Here are flowers that will make your special someone smile

Just Pink Roses

We all know how popular red roses are when it comes to love. It is a traditional pick and it is also a universal symbol of love and affection. But there are various other shades when it comes to roses and to show the best of your love you can get a sweet looking bunch of pink roses from any lodi flower shop.

Since we are talking about unique arrangements, you can go with various different shades of pink. Yes roses have not just one but a ton of shade variation when it comes to color especially pink.  So you can put all of them together, from pale pink to hot pink. Add to this pinky bouquet other shades like white or green to balance it all.

Yellow Rose Mix

Another color that looks amazing when it comes to fresh cut flowers is yellow. This color in itself radiates with positivity and shine. Yellow in roses has a different meaning: it stands for joy and friendship. And if this valentine’s you want to celebrate with your friends and wanna keep it fun then yellow rose bouquet is for you. At a florist in lyndhurst nj you can create a mix of red and yellow roses or you can go with a yellow and orange combination with orange lilies and yellow roses. You can always add things like chocolates and balloons to give it a valentine feel.

Colorful Hydrangeas

A flower that is unique to have for your loved ones are big and poofy Hydrangeas. These magical looking flowers come in the pretty pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, white and also green. You can easily create a flower arrangement with assorted Hydrangeas in a tall vase. Make sure to add some water at the base to keep these flowers blooming for a longer time.

You can also add to these other flowers like daisies, sunflowers and carnations to create a garden mix. Interestingly Hydrangeas symbolize desire, heartfelt emotions, romance, pride and royalty.These flowers may seem hard to find but you can very well get them along with flowers in fair lawn nj.

Sweet Gerbera Daisies

If you are looking for something exciting, a bouquet of vibrant gerberas is the one for you. Like all the other flowers on the list this too comes in a number of shades but what sets this one apart is the intensity of the color. Gerberas come in bright shades of red, orange, hot pink and also softer shades like light pink and yellow. With gerberas you can not only create a vase full of flowers but they also work well when put in a bouquet or for decoration.

Since they are also affordable you can create a few different flower arrangements and place them all around the venue where you plan to surprise your partner. With these easy to find  modern flower arrangements you can definitely impress your partner. Now whenever you think of expressing love and unsaid feelings, don’t forget to get flowers and fall in love with nj bergen florist at fairlawn.

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