what must an entrepreneur assume when starting a business

What Must an Entrepreneur Assume When Starting a Business

What Must an Entrepreneur Assume When Starting a Business

Congratulations on your decision to become an entrepreneur and start your own business!
It may seem easy to become an entrepreneur, but it isn’t. The process requires a lot of planning, thought, and organization. Execution is still required.

Before setting up your business, you will need to consider a few key factors. As an entrepreneur, you must assume that it will be hard work when you begin. Be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. Continuous work on the product, customers, and branding. Most likely, you’ll also need to do it on your own when you start out.

Entrepreneurs live a lonely life. Most of the time, you’ll be working alone to plan and execute.

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Work on Product Idea, Branding, Business, and More

The first thing you need to do is come up with a business idea. Business ideas can come from anywhere and can be anything. It may be a passion of yours or you see a problem that others have and want to fix it.

The next step will be to identify who your target customers are once you have an idea and know the problem it solves.

This post discusses creating Minimum Viable Products for testing your ideas with customers. In order to fine tune your products and services to the needs of your customers, you’ll need to iterate continuously.

After testing your products and knowing what your customers want, you can start setting up your business.

The first step is to finalize your brand name and other things such as your domain URL and social media presence. In Picking Your Brand Name, I cover much of that information. This article is part of the How to Start an Online Business series with blogging and affiliate marketing, but it’s still relevant. There is no difference in the information.

Once you have figured out your branding, you need to make your product at scale. Your product must meet consumer demand, no matter what it is. Find out where you can procure supplies at a reasonable cost for your business.

You’ll also need to decide how you’re going to sell – online or in person. Drive traffic to your store through marketing. What payment processor will you use to accept payments?

In a few paragraphs, we can’t cover everything.

Self Motivation

It doesn’t matter how many steps are taken to start a business if the entrepreneur is not motivated.

Motivation must, however, be present from the beginning. An entrepreneur must be very motivated, since he or she must juggle multiple things at once, including:

      • Suppliers
      • Accounting
      • Legal
      • Distribution
      • Marketing
      • Customers
      • And much more…

The tasks can seem endless at times. Feeling a headache?

It is not easy for entrepreneurs to figure out these questions, which is why they need to be highly motivated all the time.

Entrepreneurship can bring feelings of despair and hopelessness. Whenever you work from home, you’re going to feel this. Entrepreneurs face multiple challenges, so they need to have the right attitude for the job.

Remember the above if you plan on starting your own business. Taking on challenges and solving problems on a daily basis is not going to be easy, so you will need to develop a positive attitude.

You’ll need people to talk to when you need advice or just want to vent, so surround yourself with supportive people.

Working hard

There are a number of reasons why an entrepreneur needs to be the hardest worker on the team. First, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to set an example for other team members to follow in order to set the tone from the top. Musk once told a reporter that he worked between 18 and 20 hours a day when he was running PayPal.

If you have a team, this is also where leadership comes in. In this post, I discuss building teams.

Entrepreneurs must understand that they must give their all to their business. The team is there to follow the example of the entrepreneur, since it is their business idea and they know best how to execute it.

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Expecting the best and preparing for the worst are also important tips to keep in mind.

Entrepreneurs need to be open to the possibility of failure or pitfalls because failure is inevitable.

You can discover the producer within you by just doing it – don’t be afraid to fail. You will succeed faster if you fail fast and learn fast.

It is not easy to run a business and you will do everything in your power to achieve success. Other risks are beyond your control, however. Politics, interest rates, credit, market, and credit risks all apply to a business at any given time. Even the best entrepreneurs cannot prepare for everything, so all of these things need to be considered and prepared for as best as possible.

Successful entrepreneurs take on challenges and failures head on to learn a lesson. Failures become opportunities for them.

Elon Musk tried 17 times before landing a used rocket booster for SpaceX, and the company came close to bankruptcy, but he persisted. The project was funded by him, so if it failed, he would also become bankrupt.

Pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has many pros and cons. Here are a few of them.

You are your own boss.

Having the freedom to be your own boss is one of the perks of being an entrepreneur. Their business can be set up however they like without having to answer anyone. Find out what it’s like to be an entrepreneur versus a manager.

You should follow your passions

Being an entrepreneur allows you to pursue your dreams and passions in life by doing what you love. In contrast, you may get paid well, but you may spend 9 to 10 hours a day doing something you don’t enjoy.

Share of the profit.

Entrepreneurs end up getting the biggest share of profits. Entrepreneurs are rewarded for their hard work with this.

Taking responsibility for decisions

Entrepreneurs are responsible for every decision they make. An employee is only responsible for completing the tasks they have been assigned without having to worry about making the right or wrong choice.

Share of the loss

It is also the responsibility of entrepreneurs to share the loss when hard times strike a business. When a business suffers a loss, they also share in the losses.


I realize I will lay it on thick with all the hard work that will be involved, but I don’t just want to write about how ‘rosy’ being an entrepreneur is. The situation is not always rosy. Entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into their businesses, and most people on the outside don’t see it. But for an entrepreneur, the challenge is what they love and what drives them every day.

But if you’ve made it this far, congrats!

Just by reading this post, you’re showing that you’re willing to work hard.

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